Shoulder MRI: Rotator Cuff (2012)

Part I - Rotator Cuff Anatomy (Micro-/Macroscopic)
Part IIa - Rotator Cuff Tears
Part IIb - Rotator Cuff Tears
Part III - Focused on advanced rotator cuff descriptors cystic tears
Part IV - Advanced Descriptors Rotator Cuff Tears

Shoulder MRI: Instability 2012

Part I - Anatomic Tricks and Pitfalls in the Labrum
Part II - How to Deal with Variation Axillary Recess, Clefts, and Fissures
Part III - The golden rule of Dynamic Labral Interpretation
Part IV - The Labrum
Part V - Macroinstability Injuries
Macroinstability Injuries
Part VI
Part VII - Bennett Lesion POLPSA Capsulolabral Rents